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"It is from a joyous feeling and a joyous heart that one creates a life that truly is rich in joy."

— Marco

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When our energy is low , it's harder to believe there are light beings that can come into our space. But this is when we need them most and when they are there to help....more


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Symbolism of the Angel Prayer Bowl

During deep meditation the angels explained to me the symbolism of the Angel Prayer Bowl and how it could be used to assist mankind in rising to a lighter, more joyous state of being.

The angels explained that during these challenging times that it was important to continue to ask for help no matter how small the request, and equally to ask for protection where ever there was need. The Angel Prayer Bowl shows a family being enfolded in the loving protective wings of an angel. The family, a man, women and child, symbolises not only the immediate family, but the family of all humanity and creation.

The angels continued to explain how humanity so often sees separation amongst its earthly families, especially during times of great conflict. They explained how humanity even sees angels as separate to them, and this symbolism is present within the bowl, where one observes the space present between angel and family. Yet as one looks closely, one notices that there is actually no separation, for within the bowl… all is one.

In prayer, the angel stands in peacefulness, ever present, and holding within its heart the highest intent of ones inner being. It stands in peacefulness, for it understands in completeness, the eternal expanding nature of ones soul. The purity of the Angel Prayer Bowl is symbolic of the purity and simplicity that lies at the heart of all creation. It is a purity that is without complexity.

Angel Prayer Bowls are symbolic of the light that shines and is present within all creation, of the divine intelligence and loving intent that lies at the heart of all life. Angel Prayer Bowls have come into creation to assist mankind as he moves towards a state of enlightenment, a place to where ones natural state of being is that of inner contentment, joy and peacefulness, a place to where one naturally feels a greater sense of oneness with all creation.