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"The beauty of this world - poem by CatherjineRebecca I gaze upon the dramatic sky. I watch the lonesome, graceful bird in flight. I see the enchanting trees sway upon a dancing breeze. I smell the sweet fragrance of the summer flowers. I hear the birds, the cows, the sheep  their caws, their moos , their bleats.  The beauty of this world. Thank you Divine Mother Earth , for I am blessed   With sight ...   With smell..    With sound  How precious is this beautiful place, Shining in all its wondrous grace. The beauty of this world. "

— Catherine Rebecca

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When our energy is low , it's harder to believe there are light beings that can come into our space. But this is when we need them most and when they are there to help....more


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Angel prayer bowl

prayer bowl white (2).JPG

Angel Prayer Bowl


Angel Prayer Bowls were inspired to Marco during a deep meditation, where angels shared with him the sacred meaning of the bowls and how they could be used to raise human consciousness to a lighter more joyous state of being.

Angel Prayer Bowls are a channel of pure loving energy. And thus as you hold and connect to one, you naturally allow this energy to flow into you. It is an energy that lifts and inspires, an energy that balances and energises. It is an energy that allows a great healing to take place.

A channel of unconditional love, Angel Prayer Bowls are used where there is a wish to feel lighter and more joyous within. They are a perfect focus and energy enhancing tool for meditation, or simply as a way to feel more peaceful after a long hard day. A beautiful healing channel, Angel Prayer Bowls can be used by all kinds of therapists where there is a need to raise a clients energy levels or awareness.

As one holds an Angel Prayer Bowl, one is connecting to the angelic energy and to that which is pure love. In that lighter feeling energy it is also easier to connect to the angels and to those loving being who wish to inspire and guide you.

With the guidance of the angels the bowls have been made using specially chosen ingredients including clear crushed quartz, Angelite, selenite and celestite.These ingredients with loving intent ensure that the purity and integrity of their purpose is forever maintained. Your beautiful Prayer bowl also comes with a booklet and a care kit.


Size: 90mm x 70mm

Angel Prayer Bowl

Price: £47.50