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"Light is everywhere.. Wisdom is everywhere ... It all begins and all ends with the universe and we are part of the divine plan of the universe so let's live life feeling blessed and spreading the wondrous light that is within each and every one of us with unconditional love for ALL that is "

— CatherineRebecca

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Cosmic angel

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Cosmic Angel Prayer Beads

Bring yourself into this moment as you feel the soft texture of gems moving within your fingers. Become aware of the warmth that is enfolding and filling your being. Delight in the colours, the shapes, and lose yourself in the moment.

The Cosmic Angel prayer beads are filled with such love. As you connect to them, allow yourself to be present, to be peaceful. In that sacred moment allow yourself to be loved. If you feel inspired open your heart and share your prayers and feelings.

When we allow ourselves to focus on the beauty of a moment we naturally move away from the heaviness of thought, we become clearer and more aware. In that brighter space we are lifted and energised, allowing the Angels to comes closer to inspire and guide us.

The Cosmic Angel prayer beads are blessed with hematite, opalite and etheric glass, opening ones heart and mind the intelligence of the divine wisdom. Be inspired as you reach beyond the limitations of your mind and allow your divine light to sparkle into the world.  

Angel Prayer beads come complete with complimenting pouch. 



Size: 150mm

Cosmic Angel Prayer Beads

Price: £18.00