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3rd Mar, 2018: Hello all, if you feel you need a break and fancy a trip to the beautiful Isle of Wight, then you can do two things at once ... ...more


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"Remember that when you come from ego...the ego feeds off negativity. When life throws challenges this will surely test us...and yet , what is really happening is an enhancement to evolve the soul ...but even in your most challenged, to continue to inspire yourself and others is to be at one with the pure divine energy of unconditional love Marco and i are blessed to be channels for the divine energy of the Angels and our intention is one of love and to inspire people along our journey . blessings. Cat "

— Catherine Rebecca

Inspirational Message

When our energy is low , it's harder to believe there are light beings that can come into our space. But this is when we need them most and when they are there to help....more


Elsecar mind body spirit show

Saturday 24th March, 2018 - Sunday 25th March, 2018


  • Elsecar Heritage Centre, Wath Rd, Elsecar, Barnsle


"Thank you Marco and Catherine for the special experience at the Conscious Life Expo." ...more


"Must share this with you as I Know Zak (my 11yr old) wont mind." ...more


"Thank you so much for the beautiful amethyst angel I purchased from you today at the monastery she is sooooo beautiful!!!" ...more



Personalised hearts

personalised heart pink.JPG

Personalised heart - two colour


Looking for something so unique and personalised? 

Our personalised hearts are the perfect gift for all occasions, from brithdays and anniversaries, to fond farewells and graduations.

Getting married? Why not have your day encapsulated forever in this beautiful heart. Include your names, date, venue, time, honeymoon location and anything that reminds you of that magical time.

Celebrating the birth of a little one? why not have the name, weight, date and time of birth imprinted for always. Celebrate any occasion with a heart. 

Simply choose the names, dates, words and places that mean something to you. Choose up to 18 words, names or dates. Let us know your colour preferances and leave the rest to us. 

Once you have processed your order, email us with your names and details, together with any special requests. We will always do what we can to make it extra special for you. Your personalised heart measures approximately 7 inches and will be printed on A4 card(let us know if you would like it laminated) and securely posted. Please allow 7 days for delivery. 

Please note - Due to the delicate nature of glass, we do not sell picture frames. You will need to purchase frame that can take an A4 picture.



Also the postage cost is set at default so we have lowered the price of the heart to compensate for the cost of p&p , thank you and bright blessings.


Size: A4 card

Personalised heart - two colour

Price: £8.50