Pure White Unicorn

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Archangel Michael Sculpture - Bronze

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Archangel Jophiel with 22 Carat Gold Leaf

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The Chakra Angel

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When our energy is low , it's harder to believe there are light beings that can come into our space. But this is when we need them most and when they are there to help....more

Wolf Spirit Sculpture

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Stillness Being

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Angel Prayer Beads Archangel Raphael

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"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase."

— Martin Luther King, Jr.



Created in oneness with the angels, to remind you that you are... forever loved

“….I felt within, a great peacefulness, a stillness that seemed to whisper to my soul.  I quietly acknowledged the cascading ripples of energy flowing up and down my body, what a pleasant meditation I thought. 

My awareness became heightened, and as my inner eyes gazed softly up, I became aware of a most beautiful sculpture rotating gently before me.  Within the heart of the sculpture there was a family, a mother and a father, and within the loving arms of the mother, a small child.  Enfolding the family was a most beautiful angel, its wings embracing with such love and protection.

 I was drawn into the heart of the sculpture, and in that precious moment became aware of its most sacred meaning.  From that breath taking moment I knew that one day, this beautiful object would become a reality, and so it is… ”

Dear friends

It is with much joy that we welcome you to this place of light. And it is with much love that we extend to you the warmth of our hearts. We live in deep gratitude that we are able to be with you now, that we are able to connect with you.

As we share this moment together, be free to allow your beautiful hearts to open and sparkle, for there is nothing here, but love.

It was in a moment of pure love that our creations were born, a magical moment when heaven and earth became one. Each sculpture is an expression of pure love, of the light that shines so brightly within. Each piece is blessed with love, and thus as you connect to it, you are creating a pathway of love into your hearts.

Just for the moment dear souls, allow your thoughts to soften. Become aware of your beautiful heart beating. And feel the depth of your inbreathe, and the effortless release of your out-breathe. Yes ... you are alive.

As you walk upon your sacred path, there are many beings who come from the lighter realms to guide and inspire, they feel nothing but love for you. They are here with you now, in this magical moment, and their only wish is to enlighten you.

Open your precious heart and feel the immense joy and warmth they bring... no need to think, just feel.

Within you is a vast ocean of sparkling light, a radiant ocean of God consciousness, flowing, and swelling, and rolling with effortless harmony. It has no limits, for it is so vast and so wondrous that it is touches and is present within all creation, from the tiniest sparkling water droplet to the most brilliant shining star.

As love has brought us all together in this place of light, so love unites the pieces of ones broken heart. Love IS, the greatest force in the creation, and it is with love that our creations are born.

As we align with love, so we align with the beautiful free spirit that dances within. We are reminded that there is no separation, for the light that dances within us is the very same light that dances within all souls in creation. As you hurt another... so you hurt yourself.

Reach each day to all that feels beautiful, to where your heart cannot but smile. Rejoice in your inner gifts, for they truly are beautiful. And in your every decision, ask yourself... what love would do?

You are so beautiful, you come from love. Reach to where your heart shines, and when you are so full of love that you want to burst... Open your heart and share it.

It is with much love that we are here with you. Thank you for sharing this special time with us. Be free to explore our beautiful site and please share your thoughts. May your hearts be light with love.