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"Give yourself a few moments of me time everyday ... in the sanctuary of your bedroom or out in nature. Ask for the higher realms to come into your space and as the beautiful energy envelops you with light, know you are loved 💖"

— Catherine Rebecca

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When our energy is low , it's harder to believe there are light beings that can come into our space. But this is when we need them most and when they are there to help....more


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Healing can be described in many ways. Some may describe it as a way to become more balanced and aligned with ones natural state of being. Others may describe healing as a process to which one is able to release deeply imbedded non-beneficial thought patterns, such that one may lead a more positive and balanced lifestyle. Healing bowlUltimately healing is about feeling better within oneself.

The energy that flows freely through an Angel Bowl is a high frequency all knowing energy, and within it is present, the loving intent to which all life originated. And thus as one allows this energy into ones life, one naturally begins to move towards a state of greater well being and harmony.

During our lives we often experience situations that leave us feeling hurt. These feelings if not dealt with can become locked uncomfortably within us. Allowing a lighter feeling energy in can sometimes unlock those uncomfortable feelings such that they can come to the surface to be released with love.

As one holds an Angel Bowl one is naturally elevated to a lighter vibrating part of oneself. As this happens, there becomes a greater awareness of the uncomfortable lower vibrating thoughts and feelings that are influencing ones life. These lower feeling thoughts will feel uncomfortable within as they are not in harmony with ones inner being, ones true nature. When we talk of lower vibrating thoughts we are talking about feelings relating to hurt and resentment, anger and hate, feelings of guilt and helplessness. As one becomes more aware of these not so positive feelings and the impact they have on ones life, one can decide to make new decisions about ones life, life enhancing decisions that are more positive and balanced, decisions that are true to how one is feeling within.

As mentioned above, the energy that flows through the bowl is an all knowing energy, the energy of creation itself, and thus as you allow it to flow gracefully into your being, you are naturally beginning to realign and rebalance. It is as walking through lush woodland, past trickling streams and feeling the warmth of the morning sun upon ones skin. One naturally feels rejuvenated and uplifted as one leaves the woodland.

Angel Bowls naturally enhance the vibration of a person's energy field and thus are perfect when used alongside complimentary therapies. Therapists and healers certainly benefit when allowing their clients to hold an Angel Bowl during sessions. The bowl becomes a focal point which in turn allows the mind to settle. As a client holds the bowl, the energy naturally flows through the hands, into the heart chakra and then into the whole energy system. Therapists and healers who naturally see and feel energy often make comment on the enhanced magnification of their clients energy field and even how they are able to see and feel with greater intensity. Clients also make comments that are equally profound.